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Write a Research Paper: Step 1: How to Start

This guide entails how one is to write a research paper in the college environment.

Step 1: How to Start

The Assignment

After receiving the assignment, read through it.

Make sure you understand the instructions and requirements for successful completion of the project.

    • How long does it have to be?
    • What format or style must be used?
    • What resources must be included?
    • When is it due?

Defining your topic

·         Start with a broad topic and narrow it down to something more specific.

·         Develop a research question that interests you.

Collecting Information

·         Collect relevant resource materials for your topic. Begin early so you have time to:

Ø  Think

Ø  Evaluate

Ø  Organize

Ø  Compose

Reference/Resource Materials

  • The library has many types of resources that are both print and non-print.

Ø  Books

Ø  Encyclopedias

Ø  Dictionaries

Ø  Almanacs

Ø  Periodicals

Ø  Online databases 

Step 2: Researching the Topic